The Virtual Learning Environment for Computer Programming

Welcome to Jutge.org, the Virtual Learning Environment for Computer Programming.

Jutge.org is an education online programming judge where students can try to about 1500 graded problems using 20 different programming languages.

The verdict of their solutions is computed by the Judge using exhaustive data setsrun with time, memory and security restrictions.

Moreover, instructors can use it to create their own courses, attaching documents, creating lists of problems, assignments, contests and exams, as well as rosting their students and tutors.

For students:
  • Enroll in your instructor's courses or in default courses.
  • Access more than 1500 graded programming problems.
  • Get instant feedback on your solutions.
  • Practice in C++, Java, Python, Haskell and more programming languages!
For instructors:
  • Automate your correction process.
  • Create your own courses and rosters.
  • Manage your assignment lists.
  • Get instant statistics about your students.
  • Share your courses, lists and documents.
  • Use more than 1500 already made problems.

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